Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love is not love until love’s vulnerable.

The good news is, my best friend is back.
We were friends since we were secondary one. Since we graduated, we stopped talking. Or rather before we graduated, we already stopped talking. I had no idea what went wrong. I tried writing & texting but it didn't work. I thought it was wrong on my part but I thought, we are best friends, what is there that we couldn't talk about? I was upset, and so broken. It was the main reason why my studies were affected. I couldn't study. I spend all my time on the internet, talking to people who don't know me, who have never met me and don't know about my ugly past.

The first year was tough. I got really protective over myself and people I meet. The only person I hang out with is J. The following year got better because I went to school. I met new people. I had fun. I studied hard because it was a second chance & I treasured it so much. I made mistakes. I thought of her, cried so much because I wished she was there. Met bff who made my life a whole lot better then. She kept me company whenever I was alone or down. Things started to get better and better.I thought I finally got her out of my life but here's where all the dreams started. I dreamed of her so often. I got scared. I thought something bad happened to her but thank God, nothing happened. She was ok and well, I was glad.

Three years past. The start of 2010, I made a wish. I wished I'd meet her again, we'd talk again, we'd do our thing again, we'll be us again. I don't care if it takes a lot of effort, it's okay, as long as we are friends again. The party bought us together, got us talking again. It felt like we both were never apart, more like a part of each other. We both grew up. Never thought she'd be afraid of the same thing as I did, that it'll be awkward at the party and it'd turn out bad. Never thought we'd be friends and talking again. Never thought she'll feel awkward to approach me.

Now that she's back, I can die happy! :)

Thank you Wenn, (the laogong who cheated on me in front of me with at least 5 others girls hahahaha) for inviting me to your 21st birthday party. Everything was lovely, especially seeing you, Tricia & Yaojun together, and the rest of the 5B girls :) It was nice seeing everyone again. I wish you all the best in whatever you do and we'll catch up another time!

Thank you Sass, for reassuring me that you'll be with me throughout the party & you were. When I was out of sight, you'd look for me. I'm thankful Sass. I know you hate mushiness like this but I have to say it. Thank you for making me attend the party as well :)

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