Monday, November 29, 2010

Didn't you know that people hide love like a flower too precious to be picked?

I've been wanting to write, been meaning to pen these thoughts down for awhile but I never got the time to. I hate typing in the office. The keyboard is loud, stiff and I don't like it. Everyday after work, I either hang out with my friends or I go home, shower, have dinner, pack my stuff for tomorrow & I go to bed.

Working life really sucks. Don't you dare tell me you wanna work. You'll regret it. I'd rather wake up at 6am every morning just to go to school and be educated than to work and get crap from people.

You have no idea how happy you made me when you texted me the whole of last week after you got the emoji app. I told myself to never expect anything, to just treat it as something minor but I couldn't do it. It was huge for me. But I am thankful. At least God made this happen. At least you texted me. Like what Karev said in one of the episodes, "People is better than no people." In this case, text is better than no texts :)

Y'know I was thinking if I were you, I'd be so touched by the things I did for you. You complaint about the irritation in your eye last week when we went bike shopping. I walked over to the nearest pharmacy to get you a bottle of eye-mo. You don't know how to apply the eye-mo by yourself. My friends mocked you, me, us. You were embarrassed 'cos they were watching. I told them not to and applied it for you. You asked why didn't I look for you to have lunch. I surprised you at on Monday afternoon with lunch at your office. Now, aren't you? Okay, fine, I know you won't tell me.

"So you came all the way here to pick me, is just to send me home?"
"Then? Yeh, to send you home la."

I went from wanting to be with you, to just wanting to have you. It no longer matters whether we have a status. No differences whether "Glynis Loveless is in a relationship with xx" shows on Facebook. Even if it's a open relationship, I'll be happy enough. It's just a status. And also because I know, I can see you whenever I want to. I can be seen holding hands with you. And the best part of it? I get the best xoxo's <3

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