Saturday, January 1, 2011

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011

2010 was a really bad year for me. Too many bad things happened. And of course, at the same time, the most awesome things happened as well.

1) I got a proper decent job that I am happy in. I get $XXXX monthly. Thank God for a job. Being jobless for 7 months & surviving mainly on savings is no joke. It's fucking tough.

2) They say friends come and go. Some of my friends came, they left, and they came back. For good, of course. Qiaos & I stopped talking for some reason, and now we are back just like before. Xiu Wen & Tricia, we've been meeting up once in awhile for supper to catch up and all. I like having my friends back :)

3) _ & I are hanging out more than we used to. And it's nice. I wasn't afraid of admitting how much love I have for him. I never thought I'd be able to do that, 'cos in the past, I was always afraid of admitting my feelings for someone. So that's a huge change for me. After reading my sad blog post, something told K to ask me how I was doing. And since then, we've been so much closer than we used to be. I was never afraid of showing my fears & insecurities, never afraid of showing her who I really am deep down.
They both are two of the most important person, the most dear ones in my life.

4) My condition is getting better. I am still negative, but less depressed. I'm no longer on medication for that (yay!). My insomnia got a lot better. Occasionally I'd still get voices in my head, screaming, sound of children playing in my head but it is not as bad as it was before. I am starting to sleep better without medication, getting enough sleep as well (double yay!). My asthma is better too, because I don't cry that much anymore. I don't cry myself to sleep.........(no actually I just did a few days ago so technically... ha I was gonna say 'anymore'!)

5) I had an fantastic birthday celebration. Everyone was there. My closest friends were there. It felt like secondary school all over again. I was overjoyed. The only people missing was _ & K but I have a piece of them wherever I go, so it sufficed. It was probably the best birthday ever <3

6) I picked up a hobby. Cycling. Technically it's not a new hobby, 'cos I love cycling. I just stopped 'cos I didn't have the time, didn't have the bike, didn't have the group of friends who shared the same interest. But now that I do, it's really great. We stopped meeting up every Sunday since Dec because Khloe has been swarmed with work :( hopefully it will resume soon!

7) I went on a trip with _ & friends. It was like, the event of the year. First trip to Malaysia that I was really looking forward to. I cannot & I don't want to forget every moment we spent together. It was awesome. 

8) Christmas party at Marina Bay Sands Hotel with all of my closest friends whom I call family. And most importantly, K was there despite how tiring work was, + the surprise, the dinner, the long walks.. I cannot thank K enough for making me so happy this Christmas.

But for all of the above to happen, I have one person to thank. Yupp, that's you. Thank you for letting me go. If you hadn't done that, I wouldn't have realize how happy I could have been. I wouldn't have realized I deserved so much more. I'd always be trapped in that bubble I created around us. So, thank you.

In 2011, all I want is to be happy. There is nothing I want more than this.

Happy new year guys, have a great 2011!

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You were in depression?