Saturday, June 11, 2011

A month ago,

Today we sat outside ION Orchard and I said the things I thought no one would ever hear of. The things that even my best friend don't know about. Saying them out loud made me look silly but it changed my life in a heartbeat.

Imagine if things were to turn around then. I wouldn't be here. I probably wouldn't have so many things to look forward to. I wouldn't have met good friends like Amalina, Cherisa and Michelle. I would never be interested in SUTYA. I wouldn't know picnic for two can be so much fun. I wouldn't have known there is so much to do to make a film but the whole process is worth it. I would have never sent anyone home, and tuck them into bed before I leave. I probably wouldn't have been a producer in someone's film. I probably wouldn't be happy right now.

Even though we didn't spend today the way we planned out, I am still glad we spent today together :) and I'm sorry for neglecting your feelings. You know I care about you more than anyone I can think of. Never ever doubt that.

Happy first, darling ♥

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