Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bus 27 + Interviews + XLB

My first interview was at Tampines. J came to pick me. We took bus 27 to Tampines. Revived the memories. She reminded me that when we first got together, we took bus 27 to Tampines, to the airport for lunch or dinner. And we'd always sit at the last row. I don't know but normally I will sit the last row if I'm not alone, and definitely sit on the left side of the bus hahaha! I just prefer to sit there!!

After the first interview, we took a train to Bishan. It was a really long ride. I was starving and so was J. Couldn't decide what to eat. I was craving for xlbs but was too broke for any.. But J was so sweet, she offered to treat me :D heh heh yayyy


I want sum, naoz!!!! :(

Hehehe we ordered two! That was all I had for lunch :)

Second interview was at Bishan CPF building. The consultant was nice and very friendly, tried to make the interview less tensed and all. When I was gonna take out my phone, he was like, "No.. Not another iPhone user!!!" I was like uh...? I'm using Blackberry.. He was like, "Oh ok, phew.."

Really hope I get a job soon :( ugh, more interviews tomorrow zzzz BUT on a lighter note, I'll be meeting Zoe & Jemi after my interview tomorrow!! ^^ Hope Shimmy will come after work :) heh

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