Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dim sum lovin'

We've been saying how we wanna go 126 together, wanna eat until we can't walk. It never happened. Chrissy tweeted us few days back, asking if we wanted to have dim sum together and Sher, who was never a fan of dim sum, didn't mind having dim sum for dinner with us :)

Went to meet J and her sis, Jacelyn at Cineleisure. Bff & I took a cab down because we were super ultra late! Wanted to get Havaianas but they do not have the design I wanted there. So we went Heeren, then to Ion. Finally bought one pair!!!! My first pair of Havaianas :) thank you bee <3 J also bought a navy one for herself!

It's a black pair of Havaianas with white wordings! :>

After that, we took a train down to Aljunied and walked over to 126 to meet the both of them!! They already started eating because they were too hungry. Or should I say, can't resist the temptation? :>

Super delicious yam ballz

Shrimp and tofu skin rolls! I think we had at least 3 or 4 plates of these!

Chicken claws! Mad yummmmmmy

The to-die-for chee cheong fun <3

Otah - not dim sum but Sher ordered this and it is really good!

Char siew baoz - Chrissy's mom & grandma's favvv!

Siew mai!

Chicken wings! Very well fried, nice!!!

The two hungry girls :D

We ordered a lot. Few plates each. It was really good!! 126's dim sum is a must-try! Definitely for dim sum lovers :) We only paid about $8 each for the dinner. Super full but we still wanted to go Rocher Beancurd for some desserts! :>

With @morethansher :)


I like this :D

FAIL 2 but Sher said I looked good in this picture heh heh maybe I should crop them out :b


Got FB profile picture potential

I really like the effect!!

Act camera shy -.-

Can you see a tinge of blue in the picture? :D

Still acting!

Love this piccca

Nothing red on Chrissy, except for the Clorets!!


There's more pictures with Chrissy but her laptop crashed so she can't send them to me :( The walk to the train station wasn't too far. Bff & I took bus 80 home :) Love long bus rides!!!!

(I took 3 night to finish this. Every night I have something new to distract me, pfft!)

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