Monday, February 1, 2010

In February, we fall in love

Happy February, guys!!!!!
Time really flies, no? First month of 2010 is overrrrrrrr hope the first month was great for you! It was alright for me, just hoping that things stay this way (no, I need a job!!! that must change) or get even better :) OH and my diet starts today!!! Very strict diet. No meat, only fish and veg. No fried food (hopefully) and less bread & butter! I love bread and butter, my favourite breakfast!! But for now until CNY, less food more exercise more liquid intake! Just to look good during CNY. After CNY, I can eat normally hehehe ^^

I'm doing watermarks on the photos now, saved the posts as draft as I've not uploaded them photos onto Picasa album! Will publish once I'm done with the post :D

Watch this space :>

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