Monday, January 25, 2010


It's 3:23am, I'm super sleepy but still here, sorting the photos taken the past two weeks. Looking at the photos, it reminds me of how I'm so thankful my happy days are here.

Things are taking a turn for me now. J & I couldn't have been happier. We argued so much in our 2nd year, and since the start of 2010, we argued even more. Over the slightest thing. You know how it's like when you argue. you feel lousy, the day's ruin, you feel moody, you don't wanna do anything except for things that will make you feel better. For me, I cooped myself up at home, in the corner of my room, on my bed with the laptop. I don't talk to anyone at all, I don't go out at all, not even to get letters. I needed the alone time. Silence was my best friend. The longer I stayed silent, the more comfortable I felt. We exchanged a few texts before she go to bed, and that was it. But ever since we came back from her birthday chalet, everything's back to good again. I thought it was temporary but it's been a week! I've been praying and hoping that we'll be happy again. And now we are. I'm so happy I can cry. It's finally my turn to be happy :)

I really hope this lasts for a long time. Forever, maybe. I hope so.

And now she's having her exams. Last semester! Excited because she promised me we'd go picnic for 2 (yay yay yayyy!!), try to fly a kite and more alone time together. (IT IS FINALLY MY TURN!!!!) Can't wait :) Two more weeks till the end of exams, three more days till I see again, four more days to our anniversary!!! :D I'm so proud each time someone asks, "So how long have you both been together?" Three years. At the start of this relationship, I asked her, "How can anyone stand someone in a relationship for so long? I don't think I can do it." But I did. Three years with her. Ok she didn't do shit but it's her temper, attitude and bad habits that I'm talking about. You just don't know the things she do.

Other than that, I am still jobless. Broke till I don't even need to bring my wallet out because I won't have anything to buy and don't even have no money to. Fat as hell, that's for sure. That has never changed since day 1.

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Anonymous said...

i hope you and your girl will last for a long time(: