Saturday, January 2, 2010

Too O 1 O

Hello clean slates, I'll be sure to make good use of you before it's all too late.

Countdown was spent at Changi Airport Terminal 3 with the family. :> Well-spent I'd say. For most years, I spent the whole night in the room thinking how I don't want a new year to come yet I need it to. This time I didn't. I was playing with Jenae & Jermaine, going to the supermarket to buy sweets, having supper, chit-chat with the family. I was happy, never thought much of the new year.

My wishes for 2010:
x make a name for myself (!)
x love me, myself and I
x happiness
x better health for my family, friends & myself
x live peacefully, in harmony (!)
x better paying stable job
x Macbook Pro by March/April
x do my adv dip + degree!!!!!!
x get my driving license
x to slim down & maintain at 50kg
x to save enough money to go for a short getaway once every 1-2 months :D
x have at least $1xxx by the end of 2010

For my friends, I just want y'all to be happy in whatever you do, no matter where you are. To some, we may have drifted but you're definitely not forgotten. Love y'all, please call me soon! To the rest, I love y'all the same, no less. 2010 will be a better year because we have each other <3 For bff & J, please stay the same. I love you both (K)

Well, first day of 2010 was spent quietly, just the way I like. How was yours?

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Anonymous said...

The reaction thing below is so cool! I ticked interesting hahahaha!! Ok one more wish to add on for 2010 " to blog regularly "

I love you too! (L) -bff