Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm letting go while I'm still strong enough to

Today is a happy day. Spent with J :) Been long since we last spend a day out, catch a movie, do anything but shop. I hate to shop FOR NOW. It reminds me of how broke I am & how much I wanna save for my next overseas trip. When I spend, I think twice thrice quadruple quintuple sextuple septuple octuple before I decide that it is worth to spend.

Had lunch at Wisma FoodRepublic for Korean food because she said Din Tai Fung is not within our budget at all. No xlbs for me. Again!!!!!!! :( One more weekend & if there isn't xlbs, I'll eat 10 'long' of it & stuff myself silly!

BBQ Chicken

BBQ Pork

Caught Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 at Cineleisure after walking around in 313@Somerset! :) It's super cute! Especially Theodore :> Heh. Guess who was Theodore's voice? It's Jesse McCartney!! I was quite shocked when I saw the credits. It's a good show, made me laugh! :>

After the movie, we went Ion to look at Havaianas. There's a promotion going on now. Buy any two pairs to get one pair free. J wanted to get one pair for me as late Christmas present but bff (talking about this makes me mad + guilty + bad) got a pair in red for me! I don't know why the both of them wanna get me slippers for Christmas. They probably can't wait to get rid of me :< Chinese believe that if you give shoes to someone, they will walk out of your lives hahahaha. I believe! Better to be safe than sorry..

Walked around and can't decide what we wanna have for dinner. (Random but I suddenly remember we went past Etude House ytd and I forget to buy nail polish remover DAMMIT) So J said she'll bring me somewhere nice. Because the previous time I brought her to Superdog to try their chilli cheese fries, then I said I'm always bringing her to eat new food but not her. So today she brought me to The Canteen! :>

Calamari rings- lost to Fish & Co.'s, definitely.

Banger and Mash- which totally sucked.

Just realised I forgot to take picture of J's prawn noodles! It's superrrr nice. I miss MDIS's canteen food :( I want the prawn mee & chicken cutlet!!
After dinner, we took a slow walk to the train station & went back home. Bought bbtea & took photos before going back ^^ heh.

Outfit of the day!
Dress- nattiesayso.livejournal
Necklace- thrifted
Bag- YSL
Rings- Bangkok

I hope everyday can be like today. So happy, no arguments at all, give and take, always laughing and talking, no awkward silences knowing we're angry with each other. I love today :)

Shall end this post off with this picture.

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