Thursday, February 11, 2010

Work sucks, I know

Work is fucking tiring if you don't already know. I started work on Monday, Wednesday off, worked again today and off tomorrow. Awesome much? But I'm dead beat. Waking up at 7am, dashing out by 8.30am whether I'm done preparing, boarding bus 22 at Serangoon before 9am, getting to the office before 9.30am. Quite a chase. By the time I get there, I get so damn exhausted and not forgetting, MAD HOT! The weather these days is burning thirtyfuckingthree degrees to thirtyfuckingfive!!! How can it be, oh God. Save me!!!

Anyhow, work load is fine. The boss is nice. Colleague's a Indonesian and he is so funny! Glad that he isn't like some perv. Food there is really cheap. Bak chor mee (minced meat noodles) costs $2.50, chicken chop costs $5 (big portion!), honeydew is 60c per slice (really big slice)! Super cheap. Bff & J came by this afternoon to have lunch with me (L) & they kept saying how the canteen is so cheap, food is good and all.. Glad they liked the food hehehe so they will come visit me often!

Also, boss confirmed me as a part of their company today! :D Which means I'll be getting my first employment letter soon! Heheheh money money money must be funny in the rich man's world~~~

Because I've been lusting over zip-around wallets lately, my first pay will go to....

1) & 2) Prada zipper wallet.
3) Marc by Marc Jacob canvas shopper tote
4) Longchamp Le Pilage Open Tote

In need of a better (proper) bag & wallet.

I hope after paying my credit card bills, phone bills and transport, I still got money for at least one of these. I'll be more than happy!! Just one. I'll be happy enough, really. I'm not greedy. Just one :)

Time for bed! I'm dozing off zzzz

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