Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Letter #33: I miss you so much it hurts

Caught Dear John with bff today after my doctor's appointment with mom :> Spent $165 at the clinic. Pretty much a bomb :( but oh well! It's over, & it's my health I'm talking about here so.. ah never mind!

The movie was great. Didn't like how it ended though. Channing Tatum is so handsome <3 <3 No spoilers but it's a really great movie. I'm gonna get the book some time later this week :) I'm pretty sure the book is much better than the movie!

Second time watching movie on a Tuesday with bff with Superdog in our hands!! :) More to come, since I've (finally) signed up for my nEbO card! Heh, which means cheaper movie tickets hooray!!!

For the second night, this feeling is here to haunt me. I thought it was gone for good. I'm gonna sleep on it tonight. Work tomorrow :( ugh

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