Sunday, May 9, 2010

29th May 2007 - 9th May 2010

They say that love is like a war. Easy to begin but hard to end. My heart? It broke, I'm not gonna lie. But I'm done fighting, for you & for us. So I guess what I'm saying is, I'm glad we're over. I'm glad I've this let go.

Not crying. Weird that I'm not. I'm much better than I was last week. Oh, especially when I was at work. Omg, seriously guys, the next time you decide that you wanna tell someone something heartbreaking, make sure you choose the right time to do it. No matter how heartless you are, please spare a thought for the other party. It sucks, yknow, not being able to cry and still have to do work with a heavy heart.

Thank you bff, Qiaos (L), xx, Khloe & Alicia for being there <3
Last week would have been pretty much a disaster if you guys didn't stuck by me. Listening to me, letting me cry, be upset, make a complete fool out of myself & still love me nonetheless. You guys are my friends, the family that I chose. I love you all :)
xx, thank youuuuuuuuuu <3 I'll see you again, promise!

Thank you Chrissy & Shermaine for not mentioning and asking anything at all.
I appreciate it, really <3 I'll see you lovelies soon ok? :>

Life from now onwards will be me. Just me. And my family that I chose :)
Happy and free.

P/s: Will be going on a trip soon. Alone! All hyped :)

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