Sunday, May 23, 2010

Was at 罗志祥's 3D World Tour 2010 yesterday!!! It was awesome, more than just awesome. It was freaking good!!! He changed a few outfits & they looked so good on him.

I'm even more in love with him now after the concert last night. It was so good, I can't stop talking or thinking about it! Those of you who missed it, you need to start saving up for his part 2!!!! He said if we all broadcast about it on MSN or Facebook, he'll come to SG for part 2!!! This time I won't be sitting on the balcony :) FRONT ROW SEATS FRONT ROW SEATS!!!!!!!

When I was there, it felt kinda surreal that were breathing the same air as him HAHAHAHA sorry I'm obsessed :b I'm considering joining his exclusive fan club. He actually takes time out to chat with his fans online, send a card on their birthdays & Valentine's Day!!!! How sweet :)

After the concert, we went supper at Chomp Chomp as a mini 18th birthday celebration for Che! Sis, myself, bff, Che, Khloe & Wirriam :) we didn't get to eat much 'cos most stalls were closed/closing :( Had Frolick before taking a cab back.

Awesome concert with the best company :)
When we got home, we kept laughing & singing. Everything else didn't seem to matter.... 'cept that they couldn't stop telling me to shower & I finally got moving at 3am hahahahaha lazy bum me!

Added the widget on my sidebar. I don't know comfortable I am with answering the questions people/anonymous would ask but oh well, we'll give it a shot, eh?

Can't find my cable!!! Shall upload the pics later~ Off to brunch with Che, sis & Aunty Edna!

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