Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I just keep feeling and feeling

(Credits: x)

The iced tea, the little gift, your synopsis, Golden Chair, your laughter, 'wu lang ti bo?', my birthday, your trips, my stalker, your car, on the way home when suddenly In Da Club plays on the stereo. And you're gonna teach me about something new — cars :)

Thank you. I needed this. I needed to feel that someone cares enough to bring me out, to buy me a drink, to sit me down & talk to me. And ask me to a road-trip with his friends. And teach me something new :)

"I know all these meant nothing to you—"
"You know each time you talk about such things, it really makes me feel like a complete idiot."
"Go and learn."
"Then teach me, tell me, I will learn. Okay?"

"So you will teach me?"
"So I'll see you soon?"

"Have you sat in that BMW before?"
"Nope. Are you gonna bring me then?"
Laughs "It'll be gone on Friday!"

So you mean if it weren't, you'd bring me for a spin? ^^

I felt like I saw light shining through this tunnel of darkness I'm walking in. I know I'm gonna be okay again. I'll be me again. I won't be so broken anymore.

And it's true when W said everything started with you. All my emotions developed because of you. I went crazy that night couldn't control myself because of you. I curled up like a ball on my bed crying at 6am that night because I miss you. I got so scared of everything, I don't even dare to talk to anyone because I thought everyone was like you. I treated you like a poker card tower. Completely untouchable. Put no blame on you, it's my bad. But right now, everything will be okay. Because you're gonna be here. I won't let allow this depression get the best of me. I'll be okay :)

P/s: In Da Club can't stop playing in my head. AHHH :|

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