Saturday, September 4, 2010

"I have a full time job too but I'll make time for you. Come hang out with me sometime."

I smiled to myself while walking.

Someone cares. Someone whom I thought was out of reach is willing to spend time with me. Me. Me!!!!

I guess what Dr T told me was right. When you start opening up, you'll be surprised that they are actually willing to spend an hour talking to you even though they have work to do. It makes a huge difference when it comes from someone you know who is willing to sacrifice their time for you & from someone who you are not too sure about making the sacrifice.
Ah this is making me feel like I should've consulted her a long time ago. Maybe if I did, I wouldn't be like this now.

I keep repeating the above line in quotations to myself. I'm so happy :) I cannot wait to hang out!

I realized I think of funny things whenever I'm alone. Things that would make me smile to myself. It's a nice feeling. Hahaha I don't know why! Thinking of when he said "Why don't sleep? You think you're me ah, huh?" Its the way he said it. His tone. Makes me feel so cosy. And closer :) :) heh

♡ x

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