Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Party like it's the end of the world

4 days of COMEX 2010 is over.

Happy because I made a few of friends, became closer to Sass & Nette than we already were and I did something I said I would never do. But money makes the world go round. Else I'd never ever take up this assignment. I also did something I never thought I would do & spent $25 for something I already have but it was worth it :)

But the sad thing is, we are not gonna see each other anymore. I don't like this feeling. You get to know each other, you help each other here and there, you sacrifice this and that but at the end of 4 days, all of us part ways & lead our own lives.

Do not read on, thank you.

I have to repeat myself, blogging about him does not mean I like him. I do not like him. I am happy with someone having my heart even though I know I will not get it back. SO STOP TEASING ME AND HIM TOGETHER IT'S NOT FUNNY OK!!!!

If they didn't tease me, I wouldn't wanna get to know him. Wouldn't wanna get to know the guy who wore different Praise t-shirts throughout 4 days we were working together. "Thou shalt not talk shit." I really really like his t-shirts, that's all! And out of nowhere, suddenly it became I like him. Oh hell yeah I don't even know him! Ok fine I shall not defend myself. 'Cos it's pointless and no one is reading, no one is listening.

"Where did you get your tshirt from?"
"Oh, okay."
"Who do you wanna buy the tshirt for?"
"Uh, myself?"
"You can wear meh?"
"Wah this is insulting lor!"
"Eh no la, I didn't mean it that way. Sorry sorry! Really, I didn't mean it"

And he lost his iPhone 4 after that :|

I don't know why but I can still remember how Brian look like. Normally it'd be a pretty blur image of him in my head but it's quite clear. I don't know if I will ever find him on Facebook. Which idiot actually hopes to find someone on Facebook only by his name without his surname? And his name is so common, + there is so many different kinds of spelling. Goodness me, I must be rushing till I kinda lost my mind there. I hope Xiao Ting got his number somehow, even though he lost his phone :| if not, I'd never find this guy who likes text t-shirts and get to know what kinda person he is :(

I spent $25 on a portable Blackberry charger just so I can reply to your text.
The one that L gave me as a birthday gift spoilt. My phone was gonna die. I asked Serena for her charger 'cos she saw mine & bought one at COMEX during her break the day before. But hers is for Blackberry 9000 so I can't use. Your text came it. I got even more anxious. If I don't reply to it, I know when I switch my phone on again later it will be gone. The app is just fucking stupid. My phone finally died. I just kept thinking of what to do. Asked Edwin. He asked me to go to the Blackberry counter. They don't have. Stupid. I kept quiet until we were dismissed. Ran from level 2 to level 6 just to get the charger. $25 poof, gone.

"So sad lo.. I don't have the car tonight if not I'd be there for dinner with you :("
"Huh why no car?"
"My parents went out for some 7th month dinner :("
"Aww man! It's okay la next week lor. Why use your car anyway?"
"They are in the midst of changing car.. it's not here yet ma so use my car lo.."

It made me smile. You were not indifferent about it. You care that I asked you to dinner, asked you to accompany me, you texted to say you can't make it, you were sad about it. I know it sounds sick, but I was so happy. I hope we have dinner together soon. Or lunch. Or just drinks, whatever. Or a movie! (Ok I'm asking too much....) Even if it's just sitting in your car with you in silence, I'll be overjoyed..

I'm happy that you showed a little bit of affection and you're never gonna know this. 'Cos I know if you do, you're gonna shoo me away as far as you could.

You're not the only one who is afraid.
I am afraid of getting hurt too, but I am more afraid of losing you & not having you forever.

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