Wednesday, September 15, 2010

White clothes in a hot pink hot wheels

My head is pounding. I can't sleep. I really hate this migraine shit I'm getting all the time ugh I feel like my head is gonna give birth to another head or something, I don't know :(

My last week here before I move on to elsewhere. This week is the last week to do everything I've wanted to do. I'll travel to places i will never travel to for a long time or..maybe ever again. Next week everything will be new. Everywhere, everything will be new to me. I don't know if it's a good thing but I really need a change. A change will be good for me. I will be better than this. Not that I'm not good enough, I sure am but I can be better. (My head.....)

Since last week I've been spending a lot of time with my friends (and also a lot of money because going out = spending money). I like us going out together as a group. Whether we have something to do or is it just plain roaming around, I like us together. This is what I've always wanted. A group of us together, hang out, weekends, weekdays whatever, do anything, eat, and walk, and eat, and drive, and eat and walk and the list goes on and on and on. 2 is pair, 3 is outcast, 4 is too little, 5 is outcast, 8 would be perfect. So if you think you have what it takes to be one of us, drop us email with your name, height & weight, your bad habits & interests and why do you think you should be one of us at

I love spending time with my friends, you have no idea. We laugh, we talk a lot, we kiss marshmallows, we buy snacks from Muji, we cannot make up our minds although we have more than one, we meet so often but we hardly take pictures, we watch each other daydream, we walk into Miu Miu, sit & chit-chat in the boutique like it's Charles & Keith. And most importantly, we have fun. Lots of it.

And my other group of friends too, of course. Drags me out to eat with him just because he haven't had dinner, accompany me till dawn because I was vexed, listen to me complain over whatsapp, let me rant and scream like a bitch because I need to, surprise me with *ding dong* "hi Glynis!", tells me I'm good enough & one day you will realize it. Each time I sit in the car, one of them drives & I feel like I'm so lucky to have them. Sends me home safely without complains of any sort (um except for "I'm so tired") even though it's already 3am & we all had a long day.

I'm glad I have them. I thank God for putting them in my life. They complete me. Every single one of them. <3 And not forgetting you :) you have no idea how happy I am (up till now!!!!) when you said you've got something to show me. You make me so happy you must be mine teehee :>

P/s: dear Jeanette, I love you. Stop fishing for comments.
P/p/s: I will still love you even if you continue fishing, even if you're 1g heavier, even if you're 1cm shorter. Hugs :)

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