Thursday, September 16, 2010

This week I barely slept for 24 hours. I'm tired when I have something to do but when I don't, I'm so energetic, I can go jogging & blah. My timing, oh gosh, it has gone all haywire :/

Last week I looked forward to this week because of my last day at work, meeting him, meeting K, meeting Khloe, Alicia & bff, meeting Nette & Sass during the weekends. Highlight of the week was meeting him & K, the two people I really look forward to seeing. But obviously, most of the time, my plans doesn't go accordingly, as expected :/

Impromptu kBox session with Nette & Sass on yesterday. Happily sang for 3 hours & got 350g of sweets :) Couldn't stop chanting "I finally got my sweets yay!" Bet they were annoyed, like gawd when would Glynis ever shut up. :| I was very excited. I got home & shouted to Aunty. I bought it cos she likes Barley & Sarsi sweets but we can't find them anywhere. And my ice tea sweet that looks like this!! So awesome, love it.

Dinner with Khloe & bff tonight. Endless dream boi here, dream boi there. But I like :) I like being able to talk everything and anything with them & not feel awkward. We laughed a lot. Khloe bought her furry boots, thanks to my recommendation. The funniest was Khloe replying bff in the Chinese accent when she asked her where she was gonna alight. Dinner at Sapporo, desserts at Once Upon a Milkshake, bff joining the Apple club = Khloe managed to psycho her into getting iPod/iPhone/iPad, Topshop to change my card, River Island to get Khloe's cute furry boots & love at first sight = me & the nicest pair of loafers, went home happily again.

We'll see how this week ends up to be like, eh?
Please let it be a good week x

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