Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little closer to okay

I'm feeling better today.

They say, never let go of someone you can't go by a day without thinking of them. That's you. But I'm letting you go. So are you.

I'm sorry we broke the rules. I'm sorry we fell in love. I wish we didn't. Else.. We could have been on your bike now, off to somewhere you've never brought me to.

And I.. could've been happier.

X Glynis
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Anonymous said...

Hi Glynis,

I have always been reading your blog. I'm just curious, do you still like your ex gf? I think her name is Jvern or something.

Anonymous said...

Have some tits & leave your name.

You know who I am :))))

Anonymous said...

What I would want to know more is.. If her ex gf wants her back. Glynis is a good girl. Why won't she want a girl like that?